Starting a Family Farm in Vermont

A Big Day–
April 20, 2006, 8:19 pm
Filed under: Chickens

Today was a big day….I butchered one of our birds. It was our only rooster, who became extremely aggressive towards anyone who came near the hens, and we had it for dinner. The advice I got from others that had aggressive roosters was to do exactly what I did. I must admit it wasn’t easy. The kids are learning that when you have a family farm this is what you do. When they saw the chicken breast, it looked like any chicken that comes from the store but there were major differences. We knew this bird, and while he was here, was treated very well. Not stuffed in a cage, injected with hormones, and never seeing the light of day! He lived free range, ate organic food and was the only rooster to 22 hens. That is a life all roosters should have…..


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Congradulations! You made a major step in food independence and respectful living. Say hi to Sugar for us. Cheers, -Walter

Comment by Walter Jeffries

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