Starting a Family Farm in Vermont

Welcome Elysia —-
October 21, 2006, 9:36 pm
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Today was a typical day if you are starting a family farm… I woke up early fed the animals and was off to Elysian Fields Farm to pick up our Farms GOS Boar. I was thinking of a name because he will remain on the farm and it came to me on the 1:45 min drive to Sloansville, NY. Elysia — we will call him Ely for short. He is awesome. He is younger than his 3 cousins that we have now. Currently away from the other Old Spots we have 2 Yorkshire that are doing very well. They have around another month or so left here. One is already sold. Half is going to my brother in-law and the other half to a friend. The second will be used for family and cuts will be available for purchase.

In other news I was in search of a GOS gilts for our boar and found two! They are coming from New Hampshire and will be here in early November.

A representative from the state of Vermont’s Agriculture Department came last week to inspect where our retail store will be. Hopefully I will receive both my wholesale and retail licences from the state this week.

Lastly I will be posting Asmall Farm’s pork price list very soon.  Stay tuned for further updates —-  John


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