Starting a Family Farm in Vermont

Another Girl!!!
July 7, 2006, 1:08 am
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Michelle finally had her baby early this morning. She looks to be healthy and happy. Miniature Donkeys have a gestation period of 11 1/2 to 13 months and I think Michelle went right to the end. It was becoming a joke when people saw her. The first thing they said was, “Poor Michelle she is huge!”.. She was starting to look like a mushroom but all that is in the past. She is very protective over her newborn whom Melissa named Lulu. Miniature Donkeys make great mothers, very loving and nurturing to their offspring. Michelle is no exception. Our other foal, Jenny, is doing very well. She has adjusted to her new family just fine. Many friends have asked why Miniature Donkeys?? — The honest answer was originally to keep our Shire company. They make great companions to other livestock and are protectors against predators. — Will we sell any? I would like to sell 2 of the 6 we have — keeping the mothers and their babies. — John


IT’s a Girl!
May 7, 2006, 3:52 pm
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We had an eventful weekend. It was spent moving the animals we do have from our old house to our new house where the farm will be run out of. We are in the process of having a barn built on a portion of the 20 acres where our new home is.
We received a call on Saturday night from a neighbor saying that there were some fox hanging around our area and he thought one of our chickens fell prey to them. I went over the next morning to gather the hens and bring them to their new home and feed the donkeys and pig. When I got there I noticed that we did in fact lose a hen, and also had a new arrival. One of our pregnant Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys, Danielle had a baby! We named her Jenny and she is perfect. People have been asking why we got the miniature donkeys and the reason is strictly as pets and to keep our horse company. They are great pets and gentle enough for the children to play with. Also, they are known to keep predators away from the other animals. When we had our 4 donkeys and horse together with the chickens, we never had a problem with fox.