Starting a Family Farm in Vermont

Open for Business!! ——
December 15, 2006, 12:53 am
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Hi all — This blog is to let everyone know that Asmall Farm’s Pork is official for sale. Our first sale was to a family in Londonderry, VT. Melissa has since spoken to the woman who purchased our chops and a fresh pork roast and she said, this is the pork she remembers eating as a child in England. I can’t wait for them to try our Heritage Pork (Gloucestershire Old Spots  and  Tamworths) which will be available in early to mid ’07. There really is something to be said for naturally raised, homegrown meats. Knowing everything they ate and how they were raised really makes a difference on many levels. First these animals were happy! I can’t tell you how many times I have jumped into their pasture and played with them, scratched their bellies, or just hung around with them at my feet. As far as their diets go, we are very particular about what they eat. Their diets consist of Green Mountain Certified Organic Grains and fresh vegetables. I receive hundreds of pounds of vegetables weekly from a variety of outlets. That’s it. No antibiotics or hormones. Whatever you raise this way, will result in an outstanding quality and delicious final product. I have had many inquiries about shipping our products. Currently I am researching the best possibly outlet for internet sales and shipping. I can say I’m sure the shipping is not going to be cheap but anyone purchasing directly from our Farm will receive wholesale prices. I would love to get some feedback from potential customers. I assure you that any purchase from Asmall Farm, is a purchase you won’t regret! Feel free to contact me at . John


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Hi John, I keep checking your blog for updates and
have finally go mine up for viewing. Check it out.

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