Starting a Family Farm in Vermont

Gloucestershire Old Spots Piglets —
September 23, 2006, 8:01 pm
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Our newest arrivals joined the Farm this past weekend. The Gloucestershire Old Spots Piglets (GOS).  I got up early Saturday morning and drove to Elysian Fields Farm in Sloansville, NY and picked up the first of our Heritage Breed piglets. We got three males and they are something else! Besides being cute they are extremely friendly and trusting. I have already noticed a difference between the Yorkshires and the GOS. The Yorkshires are wonderful as well but when I got the piglets home it took them a while to adjust. We had to work a bit to gain their confidence as providers of food, shelter, and of course Respect. The GOS seem to be more friendly and less head shy. We do have the Respect of all of the Yorkshires now, it just took a little work. 

I arrived at Elysian Fields around 8:30am, and had a great time checking out Debi and Laurent’s operation. They were very nice and more than willing to help a novice in any way they could. Before I knew it, what seemed like 10 minutes turned into an hour and half . It’s so nice to have a conversation with others that share the same passion for nature, animals, and farming.  — John


Australian Lowline Angus —
September 14, 2006, 7:58 pm
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Our Lowline Angus Cattle arrived last night! We got 4 heifers all of whom are bred for spring calves. They are great. Melissa and I became interested in the miniature breed of cattle last year. Since we want all of the cattle housed on our property the miniatures were very appealing to us.

Here are some miniature cattle facts — 

  • Cows and bulls measure between 36 and 44 inches at 3 years old
  • They are more docile than full size cattle
  • Consume 1/3 less feed and finish better on grass than full size
  • Ease of calving and great mothering skills
  • Diversified Usage – Milk, Beef, Breeding Stock, or Outdoor Pets
  • Fantastic quality of meat
  • Much easier on the land
  • Perfect for today’s smaller Family Farms.
  • Thanks again to Rod and Marilyn Hewitt of Dayspring Farm for all of your help! — John

Welcome Doubletake and Thunder!
September 10, 2006, 1:39 pm
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The first of our miniature cattle arrived today! Doubletake and Thunder. Double Take is a beautiful Registered Miniature Belted Galloway cow. She is currently pregnant. We purchased her along with her bull calf, Thunder. They came from Ministock Farm in Randolph, Vermont. 

Thunder will become the Farm’s herd bull. We are keeping our fingers crossed for at least one heifer out of the the last two pregnant cows from Ministock Farm. Since they will have different fathers it would be nice to secure a heifer for Thunder to breed.

 We are still waiting for our fence work to be completed before we get the rest of our cattle. Those will be the 4 Registerd Lowline Agnus heifers from Dayspring Farm. They are all bred, and the remaining Miniature Belted calves that are due soon. Please feel free to check out the new Video Page  I added to our site.    Enjoy — John