Starting a Family Farm in Vermont

Farewell to Sugar —
October 18, 2006, 1:08 am
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I’m sure people that have been following me are saying whaaaaaat? In a post a while back I stated how Sugar, our first pig, was staying on our Farm. We wanted to keep her as our Sow but after serious consideration we decided to raise and breed the Gloucestershire Old Spots (GOS). We have 3 GOS piglets on the farm now all of whom are castrated and will become Organic Fed, Naturally Raised Pork. This weekend I am going to buy a young Boar that will remain as our breeding boar.  I am currently in the market for a young Registered GOS Sow or a Gilt. Then we will be on our way.

Now, back to Sugar — Early this morning, I brought her and another pig we were raising to a Slaughterhouse in Benson, Vermont. This was my first experience with the slaughter of any of our livestock. I can’t say it was easy, but this is all part of farming. We are a family of Omnivores and to be able to say we raise our meat naturally, respectfully, and give these animals a wonderful life while they are with us is priceless! Many have asked how our children are dealing with it. I have to say wonderfully. They know that we raise livestock and when they eat pork, they are actually eating a pig. We don’t feel the need to hide from them that this was in fact a living and breathing animal at one point. The real question is how did it live, what did it eat, and was it raised by someone who actually cared for it the way we care for ours. I think the experience they are getting from this is fantastic and wouldn’t change a thing. —- John


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