Starting a Family Farm in Vermont

I See SPOTS!!!!
November 5, 2006, 12:24 am
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This morning I went to Lyndeborough, NH and picked up 2 beautiful GOS gilts. I got very lucky after putting an ad in the GOS Group on Yahoo. I received a response from David and Kathryn Schmechel of Bittersweet Farm. They had 2 Gloucestershire Old Spots  (GOS) gilts (immature female piglets) to choose from that are around 8 weeks old and are from different litters. We bought them both and they will become our Farm’s Sows.

Our Our goal with the GOS is to  breed them when they mature — Ely with the 2 new gilts (PiggySue and Charlotte) — and use their Male offspring for  Asmall Farm’s Naturally Raised, Organic Fed Pork — The Females will be for sale for other interested breeders.


The GOS are a heritage breed of swine that is on the ALBC’s critical list.  The critical list means that there are fewer than 200 annual registrations in the United States and the estimated global population is less than 2,000. What does this mean for the breed? If farms such as ours don’t exists to breed them, they wont exist! It is a great feeling knowing that we are not only breeding these pigs for consumption but for the continuation of this breeds existence.  John


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