Starting a Family Farm in Vermont

Sugar is Stayin’, Pullets are Layin’, Barn is Raisin’!
July 21, 2006, 7:03 pm
Filed under: Chickens, Construction, Pigs

                                                                                                  There have been a few recent developments on the FARM over the last couple of weeks. The first is that our pig, Sugar, will remain on the farm. She was originally being raised for a neighbor for a pig roast. He has since decided that he doesn’t want her. I can honestly say we couldn’t be happier. She will now be kept to breed and her offspring will be used for pasture raised pork. She is so nurturing to the other piglets we just got and we can’t wait for her to have her own. With her fun personality and fantastic characteristics, she will make a great Sow.                                                                                                                                                                                  The second news is that our 45 Pullets ( hens before maturity ) have begun laying eggs. Our chicken headcount is 65. At full production that will equate to around 5 dozen eggs a day. Melissa started an egg delivery business several months back and we have been selling out weekly. This added supply will help us  meet our current demand.                                                                                             The last developement is the barn. All the rain has stopped and the foundation has been poured. This picture was taken several weeks ago. They have really been moving on the construction. I think we are probably 6 weeks away from completion. I will continue to keep everyone posted. —John 

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Hi. I was just told about your website. Wow what a farm you are going to have.

Comment by charlyne harrington

nice website. we are similar. from long island we farm bromley farm in peru vt. draft horses for haying and sleigh rides and for sugaring have a very large market garden with edible flowers laying hens meat rabbits meat ducks and geese we must meet

Comment by jess ,ted klick

Can’t wait to meet you all. I sent you an email with our phone number—– John

Comment by asmallfarm

I have e-mailed back to both comments this morning and wanted to invite you both to a new website I created — — It will link to your home page if you have a website of your own — John

Comment by asmallfarm

Love your blog! Your animals look so happy

Comment by Peg

Thanks so much… They really are happy animals and fun to be around— John

Comment by asmallfarm

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