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Another Girl!!!
July 7, 2006, 1:08 am
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Michelle finally had her baby early this morning. She looks to be healthy and happy. Miniature Donkeys have a gestation period of 11 1/2 to 13 months and I think Michelle went right to the end. It was becoming a joke when people saw her. The first thing they said was, “Poor Michelle she is huge!”.. She was starting to look like a mushroom but all that is in the past. She is very protective over her newborn whom Melissa named Lulu. Miniature Donkeys make great mothers, very loving and nurturing to their offspring. Michelle is no exception. Our other foal, Jenny, is doing very well. She has adjusted to her new family just fine. Many friends have asked why Miniature Donkeys?? — The honest answer was originally to keep our Shire company. They make great companions to other livestock and are protectors against predators. — Will we sell any? I would like to sell 2 of the 6 we have — keeping the mothers and their babies. — John

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sooooo cute

Comment by fin

Thanks — She really is–

Comment by asmallfarm

Please forgive the comment to an old post, but how well do the donkeys work for protecting other animals? Just curious how to keep the coyotes and foxes at bay around here. (We only have chickens at this point but the menagerie will be slowly growing.)

Comment by jessie

Thanks so much for the post — Jessie, Miniature Donkeys might be exactly what you are looking for. They are fantastic at protecting other animals especially chickens. We first got our donkeys (2) to keep our house company. That quickly turned into 4 — 2 of whom we purchased pregnant. Now we have 6.. We had the 4 donkeys turned out with our 24 chickens that were fully free ranged and we never had a problem with fox or coyotes which are in our area as well. When we took 2 of the donkeys out of that area a fox did come and got one of the birds. Feel free to contact me if you have any further questions– my direct email is .. Have a great day — John

Comment by asmallfarm

This is Franny. Your website is awesome! My favorite picture is the pig that just rolled in the mud. I thought that was funny.

Comment by Francesca Royal

Francesaca and the rest of thr Royals on Long Island — We miss you all and cant wait for you to come up here and visit the farm… Hope all is well and please stay in touch — The Russo Family

Comment by asmallfarm

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