Starting a Family Farm in Vermont

Barn or Ark???….
June 26, 2006, 4:48 pm
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This weather has been nothing short of horrible. The construction of the barn has been underway but there is no question that this rain isn’t helping us. We are using a talented local builder, John Newton, who actually built the home we are living in. Luckily we started the clearing for pastures when we did and they are finished. The logging was done by Will Crandall from Peru, VT. His crew did fantastic job. My wife Melissa and I did all of the electric fence work that would put a smile on Long Island’s finest —- Rose Fence.. The permanent fence work will be done by Springfield Fence of Springfield, VT. 

 As far as the animals go, we have moved what we have now to their new home located on Ridge Road in Landgrove,VT. It really was a sight watching Melissa walk our pig, Sugar, through the village of Landgrove to the new house. As most of you are aware from my previous blog, we are purchasing a Miniature Belted Galloway Bull, his mother, and are waiting for others to be born in July. We have also purchased 4 Lowline Angus heifers that we be pregnant when we get them. On July 4th I will be picking up 5 more piglets from Walter of Sugar Mountain Farm. If all goes as planned the farm should be in full operation by the end of the summer/ beginning of fall. I will be sure to keep everyone posted— John 

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Dear Melissa and John,
First, just ‘want you both to know that Fuji is well and a very loving Pekingese.
Now to today: John, your mother just gave me the wordpress address and i have enjoyed reading every word. Hope you plan to put this in book form one day. Now to a few questions:
Any photos of Sugar and the piglets? How many yards or, was it half a mile that Melissa and Sugar walked from the old house to the new house?
Good looking barn. Will it house cattle, donkeys. chickens, pigs and piglets?
I know of your love for animals but did either of you ever dream of having a farm? Am so glad you did. Am goinbg to write about it in my online weekly.

Comment by Nancy Hyden Woodward

Hi Nancy — So glad to hear about Fuji.. Go to my main page ..once there, you can find pictures, Asmall Farm’s Blog, and some videos. To answer your questions, Melissa has always dreamt about one day owning a family farm and as for myself growing up in Bridgehampton when it was a farming community, I fell right into it. I would say Melissa walked Sugar for probably a 1/2 mile. It was some sight! The barn has 3 stalls which can be used for whatever we will need them for.. Could be a calf (if needed at some point), which we will hopefully have 6 of this spring, or any other animals that might need temporary housing. The top of the barn is all about hay. I’m sure we can house over 1000 square bales up there. I would love to eventually write about our experiences up here in book form, but we will see. Thanks for visiting the farm online and enjoy — John

Comment by asmallfarm

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