Starting a Family Farm in Vermont

Gloucestershire Old Spots
April 24, 2006, 8:36 am
Filed under: Pigs

More Pigs–Over the last several weeks we have been searching for a Heritage Breed of pigs that we can raise on our farm and breed as purebreds as well breed with the Yorkshires that we will be getting soon. We found Elysian Fields Farm in New York that not only has what we are looking for, but shares the same philosophies as us. The breed is the Gloucestershire Old Spot or GOS. The GOS is on the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy’s Critical List. When we started Asmall Farm my wife was really attracted to the Heritage Breeds of Livestock. After researching these breeds we discovered that they were actually exactly what we wanted. The GOS has the characteristics that we are looking for. Beside being extremely hardy and good natured they are producers of some of the highest quality and best tasting pork and bacon in the world. Our goal is to keep a GOS Boar (intact male) from the first group of 5 piglets we get. He will remain on the farm. We want to breed him to both, our top pick of theYorkshire Gilts (A young sow that has not farrowed(had piglets)) we are getting, as well as to another purebred GOS. The cross breeding of the pigs also produces fantastic pork…. Be sure to check back soon on other developments…..


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