Starting a Family Farm in Vermont

Quick Lessons on Chickens
April 21, 2006, 9:04 am
Filed under: Chickens

Today’s Blog is a quick lesson on Chickens……Some people that read last nights blog had questions. The main one was, now that we don’t have a rooster what are we going to do? I stated that he was the sole rooster on our Farm for the 22 hens. All that means is he truly lived a nice life. You only need a rooster if you plan on hatching chicks. Chickens lay, on average, 1 egg per 24 hour period, with or without a rooster, in the flock. Have you ever seen a speck in your egg’s yoke? That is a fertilized egg. The egg has just been collected soon after it was laid. We collect our eggs 2x a day. This prevents the eggs from going any further in the incubation period. We raise our chickens from day old chicks. They are sexed from the Hatchery. There is a 10% chance they get a rooster in the mix with the hen orders. Don’t get me wrong, I love waking to a crowing rooster, but each has its own personality. The aggressive ones usually are not around for long.


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