Starting a Family Farm in Vermont

Our First Piglet
April 17, 2006, 10:03 pm
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Our First Piglet– Over the Easter weekend we visited Sugar Mountain Farm about 65 miles north of us. This is the farm where we are getting 5 Yorkshire piglets (feeder pigs) to raise for market. We just wanted to see the mothers-to-be, not realizing we would be driving home with one. Her name came immediately to my wife Melissa—“Sugar”. Sugar is being raised for a local friend whom we had promised a pig for August. She will raised the way all pigs should be raised…with Respect! Some people have questioned how we can raise an animal then eventually butcher it. My first response is ,”are you a vegetarian?”. You would be surprised how many people are Not. They just don’t get it! For those that are “Vegetarians”– eat no meat ( that includes chicken!), fish, eggs etc– I usually ask why.. The answer most times is that animals are treated inhumanly, its wrong etc. That is the exact reason why we are doing a small family farm. We want our livestock to be enjoyed by us and others while they are here. Free Range, Hormone Free, Grass, Organic, and Naturally Fed, Loved and “Rasised With Respect!” And yes they can have it all… John


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I sort of agree with the last commentary. Not all but some.

Comment by lacto ovo vegetarian

I love all bloggers and you too.

Comment by vegetarian recipe

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